Thoughts From a Pro
I went one step beyond and enlisted the help of Joe Satriani tribute artist Gary Lenn. Gary is a Los Angeles-based guitarist who knows all of Satch’s tunes, tones and every little semi-quaver. His Joe Satriani tribute band, Surfing With An Alien, puts on one hell of a great show. If there’s anyone who knows Joe Satriani’s tonal palette inside and out, it’s this guy. We hooked up at Sound Studios in beautiful Van Nuys California and plugged all the pedals into his Peavey JSX half stack. Then we turned it up really loud. Here’s what he had to say:

Time Machine:
“It’s fricken' awesome! It’s soft but much fatter than the original Boss delay pedals Satch used to use, that I’m using now. He’s a genius the way he uses delay. This pedal is really nice. It makes all the clean stuff sound more beautiful and lush but it doesn’t override anything. The repeats fall gently away really nicely too. I like the vintage mode the best. It sounds warmer. It makes everything I do sound better. The functionality of this is truly awesome.”

“It’s really fat. I call it 'meat.' It’s really quiet too. It’s actually better than the Ultra channel on the JSX. It’s like putting chocolate pudding on a chocolate cake. Satch does 90% legato stuff and I have to be able to pull that off. The More button adds sustain while I’m playing those lines. I love this pedal. It makes me want to disregard the other two gain channels on the amp. I honestly think this pedal would make me a better player. It gives you so much more to work with.”

Big Bad Wah:
“It’s ten times better than what I’ve been using. It’s like night and day. It’s very pure and doesn’t add a lot of crap and noise. I like the sweep and it really contours and beefs things up. Wah Two adds a little crunch that sounds really cool, but it’s still clean and extremely versatile. I could use it by it self with a clean channel to add a little bit of dirt. The only downside to this is that I have to go to a store and buy it. I’m absolutely blown away.”