San Francisco, CA (April 19, 2013) -- Joe Satriani just released his video for the first track from his upcoming album, Unstoppable Momentum. Check out what Satch had to say about the video:

"The song celebrates the coming of summer and the promise of adventure, fun and coming of age. It's a song about my high school memories lasting a lifetime and still giving me that good feeling when summer rolls around.

I originally thought it would be perfect for Sammy to sing and brought an unfinished version to the Chickenfoot lll sessions. We never got around to working on it, so, I happily put it back in my pocket for another day, my little diamond in the rough.

Recording a song close to your heart always teaches you things about yourself and gives you new musical opportunities to embrace. This song drove me to be more melodic and to play deeper "in the pocket". It's got a huge, rock and soul electric guitar presence to it, with that extra up-lifting vibe.

The video documents the set up at the idyllic Skywalker Sound and the sessions that followed...”

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