The Ovation that Got Away

from The Ones that Got Away Blog

Blogger Jaimie Muehlhausen has bought and sold a lot of guitars in his life. If you''re not familiar with his blog, there''s plenty of good reading to be had. We like today''s post about a 1984 Ovation, in which he says it''s ok to love the guitars you no longer think are cool. He puts it perfectly: "I guess it''s like looking at a photo of yourself from high school...the haircut seemed cool at the time, but you don''t really want to go that direction again."

Collect Guitars, Meet Rockstars


Ever wonder who gets to buy those 1/25 guitars that Gibson puts out? Well, it''s this guy. He has a 250+ collection, including some very limited runs (Jimmy Page double-neck), and one-offs made just for him. Check out the photo gallery with his Les Paul decorated in ticket stubs. The unique hobby has also led him to meet several guitar idols.

We''ve Come a Long Way, Baby

from The Arizona Republic

Remember when parents didn''t want their kids to play guitar? Now it''s a welcome alternative to keeping kids off the street. Read about this former cop''s music store and how it''s helping his community.