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Beyond Blues – 8 Essential Turnarounds – July '16 Ex. 4

PRS Guitars and John Mayer announce two updates to the popular PRS SE Silver Sky model: a maple fretboard version and the first color refresh on the rosewood-equipped model since its introduction in January 2022.

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Designed with bassists in mind, the Mikey Way Signature Jazz Bass gives fans the opportunity to get their hands on the same axe Way used during his 2022-2023 worldwide reunion tour with My Chemical Romance.

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Jerry Garcia plays a Takamine acoustic at Lincoln Center in Manhattan in 1984, where he performed with bassist and frequent collaborator John Kahn.

Photo by Susana Millman

The Grateful Dead leader’s guitar playing traveled a long and complex road that begins in the dusty fields of American music. Here’s your guide, from the Black Mountain Boys to Workingman’s Dead to Dawg.

Twenty-eight years after his death, Jerry Garcia may be more famous than ever. There are reputed to be over 5,000 Grateful Dead cover bands in the U.S. alone. Guitarists in towns small and large mine his electric guitar solos for existential wisdom, and his bright, chiming tone and laid-back lyricism continues to enthrall successive generations. What is less talked about is his acoustic guitar playing, which is, after all, where it all began.

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