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Beyond Blues:Nail Those Changes! May '18 Ex. 6

Photo by Nathan Zucker

Penned by Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa, "Enlighten" explores themes of self-awareness and spiritual awakening and aims to capture the essence of the band's dynamic sound.

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Keeley 4-in-1 Pedal Series Demo
Keeley 4-in-1 Pedal Series Demo of Blues Disorder, Angry Orange, Super Rodent & Noble Screamer

Watch Tom Butwin demonstrate Keeley’s super versatile 4-in-1 overdrive pedal series: the Blues Disorder, Angry Orange, Super Rodent and Noble Screamer.

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As one of the lead guitarists of Slayer, the outspoken, opinionated King has also bred snakes off and on since the late ’80s.

Photo by Annie Atlasman

Four and a half years after Slayer’s last performance in 2019, guitarist Kerry King returns to the throne with his first solo outing, From Hell I Rise.

When Slayer played their last show in November 2019, Kerry King already knew he had no intention of slowing down musically. What he didn’t know was that the pandemic would be the conduit to a second act. But, as German theatrical director, dramaturge, and playwright Bertolt Brecht once astutely observed, “Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.”

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