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Acquire the Customer -- and the Sale will Follow

July 11, 2018

Luke Viertel - Digital Strategist

The click is only the beginning

In a sea of available reporting and metrics, analyzing customer behavior and selling your product seems like it should be easier than ever. So, it’s counterintuitive that the average sales conversion percentage from online advertising is lower than my BAC most Saturday nights. Think about it - when was the last time you clicked an ad online and made a purchase on your first visit to the site? Now, imagine the product you were looking at cost more than a few dollars. There could be several reasons that potential customers click your advertisement but don’t pull out their wallet and buy right then and there, but here a few basic ones:

  • They are interested, but don’t need it right now

  • The are interested, but don’t have the money right now

  • They are interested, but don’t know your brand and don’t trust you at the moment

Converting sales from online advertising requires strategy and effort to acquire customers - whether they become one right now or in the future. Sales come from customers so keeping customers and enticing them to buy your product is the name of the game. Here are a few tips for analyzing your conversion process:

  1. Use tools like re-targeting to keep track of your website visitors so that you can show them relevant advertising after they leave your site.

  2. Offer something of value to the visitor in exchange for their email address. Use their email address to engage things like drip campaigns to foster them into paying customers

  3. Evaluate your ad’s click-through link. Analyze visitor behavior when they are on your landing page to plug holes in your sales process. Where and how fast do they leave? Do they have reason to trust you? Are you providing enough info/opportunity to buy?

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