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Cram Session: Pentatonic Power April '16 Ex. 2



•Wrap your fingers around Mustaine’s unorthodox “spider chords.”

•Keep your rhythm playing interesting with syncopation and odd time signatures.

•Make your solos more interesting with variations on a theme.

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Flanked by some of metal’s finest guitarists, Megadeth’s leader more than holds his own.

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A 1970s-inspired circuit with separate fuzz and octave switches, a toggle switch to change the order of circuits, and sturdy construction for years of use.

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Luthier Ken Parker blends old world lutherie and aerospace tech materials, proving that wood and carbon fiber can dance together in a romantic tango of sonic bliss.

In the guitar market, classic models still have the biggest influence, but the future is lurking.

In the ever-evolving music industry, the electric guitar stands as an enduring stalwart, having shaped the sonic landscape for generations without much physical change. I’ve joked about the state of the guitar before, but let’s take a more serious view of what’s happening in the guitar business. It’s apparent that the classics continue to wield influence, while also undergoing a transformation reflective of the current tech era.

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