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Cram Session: Thrash-Metal Rhythm - Jan. '17 Ex. 1

The Rush guitarist partners with Mojotone on a new line of versatile, hand-built guitar amps and cabs.

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This sharp fiesta red Strat and Pro Reverb sang beautiful Knopfler-esque melodies, but all that glitters isn’t gold.

A search for a fiesta red Stratocaster and a Knopfler tone didn’t turn out the way our columnist hoped it would.

The latest chapter of my quest for perfect sounds is a love story filled with surprises and valuable insights worth sharing about a fiesta red Stratocaster with a maple neck. Along the way, I’ll explain how I used it to dial in a timeless Mark Knopfler tone from old-school Fender amps.

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Mystery Stocking 2023
Mystery Stocking 2023!

It's Here! Grab your Mystery Stocking Below.

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