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Decoding Django’s Gypsy Chords - Apr. '19 Ex. 4

Discover bass phenom Anna Butterss and reviews of Ampeg’s Rocket Bass RB-115 combo and Jackson's X series Concert Bass. Plus, bottom-end wisdom on tone, harmony and more!

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In a world of widely shared components, don’t just dare to be different. Insist on it. Aesthetics matter.

Regardless of the number of companies swimming in the pedal pond, I often find myself thinking about aesthetic diversity. We builders tend to all use the same components when designing our devices. It’s how we use them that is the subject here. And I’d like to focus primarily on the external components and how they are presented. Finish and graphics play a big part in a company’s branding and identity. However, I’d like to almost solely talk about knobs, footswitches, toggles, and LEDs. These are the most common things that you’ll see on a pedal.

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Rig Rundown: Ariel Posen [2023]

The silky smooth slide man may raise a few eyebrows with his gear—a hollow, steel-bodied baritone and .017s on a Jazzmaster—but every note and tone he plays sounds just right.

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