Demeter adds features to their original Compulator for an extremely versatile compressor

Templeton, CA (March 13, 2010) -- Demeter Amplification has introduced the COM-2 Compulator Pro. The Compulator Pro features the same optical compression and sound of the original Compulator (used by Ry Cooder, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Sonny Landreth and Pete Townshend) but with added features.

The Compulator Pro has controls for both Attack and Release, so you can adjust how quickly or slowly the compression effect both turns on and turns off. You can finely tune your compressed tone to mimic almost any type of compressor (with the controls set at their fastest setting you have the same setting as the classic Compulator). Demeter has also included an adjustable gain boost when you want deep compression at the flip of a switch, or if you need to set up for two different instruments. List price $359.00, MAP $310.00.The pedals are handmade in empleton, CA using the highest quality components.

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