Vinnie Moore - The Big 5

The UFO guitarist who rose to fame during the '80s shred boom reveals his unlikely Southern rock hero, his holy trinity of desert-island discs, and more.

A sublime pairing: a vintage black-panel Princeton Reverb and a Jazzmaster. The amp's debut model year was 1964, six years after this offset guitar debuted at the NAMM show.

Let's take a look under this iconic Fender amp's hood and learn about its tonal quirks, easy mods, and more.

Fender's Princeton Reverb is an iconic tube amp that has been in production for almost 60 years. Intended to be a student and practice amp, the Princeton became widely popular among both professional and amateur players. Its strength lies in its simplicity and light weight, and in this column, I'll share my insights on how to get great tone from this model.

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person playing guitar
Photo by Facundo Aranda on Unsplash

Theory isn't always the answer, and it doesn't help in the ways that you imagine it would.



  • Develop a larger chord vocabulary
  • Learn how to voice lead through a IIm7–V7–I progression.
  • Understand how to alter dominant chords.
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We're going to look at a simple jazz progression and talk about the struggle to make sense of some of these moves in the context of music theory. I want you to leave this lesson with new ways to think about chord progressions, and perhaps a different way to think about music theory.

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"I Against I" features Fever 333 vocalist Jason Aalon Butler in a new live quarantine video that captures the raw energy of the band.

Lamb of God has premiered a scorching cover of the Bad Brains classic "I Against I" featuring Fever 333 vocalist Jason Aalon Butler in a new live quarantine video that captures the raw energy and spirit of this cult classic.

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Photo 1 — Though it could present a challenge when palm muting, the bridge-integrated optical pickup on this Tom Lieber Spellbinder bass is almost fully shielded from ambient light.

Photo by Milo Stewart Jr.

Traveling beyond the world of pickup magnets to an optical galaxy for musicians.

I wrote a column touching on optical pickups a few years back ["Piezo and Optical Bass Pickups," October 2012], but every once in a while a new or upgraded concept enters the stage that warrants digging deeper. So, to refresh, what sets optical pickups apart from standard magnetic pickups?

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Rev recasts its classic offset with a rocking pickup complement that can play it cool or bring the attitude.

Very good build quality. Versatile sonic capabilities from a clever pickup and control complement.

Slightly rough fret ends in a few spots.


Reverend Six Gun HPP


The silhouette of the new Six Gun HPP is, at this point, a familiar shape—and arguably a classic. It's the foundation for many different Reverend models and clearly a versatile platform for evolution and experimentation. The updated pickup configuration and other new features of Reverend's offset workhorse make the $1,099 Korea-built Six Gun an impressive performer for the price.

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