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ENGL Amplification Introduces the New Fireball 100 E635

ENGL Amplification Introduces the New Fireball 100 E635

ENGL''s Fireball 100 features darker, lower midrange-focused tone

Clifton, NJ (August 7, 2009) -- ENGL has announced the new Fireball 100. The New ENGL Fireball design stresses the new sound character of the Fireball Amp line. Compared to the E625 60W version, the new Fireball 100 features a darker, lower midrange-focused tone. The new added Mid Range Boost plus the bottom switch will add that special fire to your sound. Well dressed gain structures allow any sounds from crystal clear, crispy crunch, fat rock rhythm or heavy metal riffs to searing lead lines.  With 100 watts of pure 6L6 power amp fury, the Fireball 100 delivers more punch than ever before and satisfies the needs of the modern guitar player.

MSRP: $2124.99
STREET: $1699.99

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