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Fender to Discontinue Using Ash in Production Models

Fender to Discontinue Using Ash in Production Models

A small amount of the company's ash reserves will be used in select, historically appropriate vintage models.

Los Angeles, CA (April 20, 2020) -- Fender has announced that they will be moving away from ash for all of their production models. The company’s remaining stock of ash will be used “in select, historically appropriate vintage models, as supplies are available,” according to Max Gutnik, Vice President of Fender Electric Guitars, Basses & Amplifiers.

Here’s the statement from Christina Stejksal, Vice President of Global Communications:

As you know, it has become ever more difficult to obtain a steady and predictable supply of ash over the last several years.

A major cause of this shortage is the infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive beetle native to Asia that is highly destructive to the North American ash tree and the attempts at curbing the beetle’s impact have been largely unsuccessful. Same goes for the compounding of the Emerald Ash Borer and the infestation results in chronic flooding in the Mississippi delta, where the majority of our swamp ash supply is harvested.

It is inevitable we as an industry and a brand need to make some changes, some proactive changes and what this means exactly for Fender. In order to uphold our legacy of consistency and high quality we have made the decision to remove ash from the majority of our regular production models. What little ash we are able to source will continue to be made available in select, historically appropriate vintage models, as supplies are available.

This marks the beginning of a new chapter at Fender that will inspire musicians with beautiful new tone wood combinations, new resonant body styles and bold new sounds – as always with our continued commitment to quality and value. With your help, we believe we will continue to achieve unprecedented success together.

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