Whether for maintenance, repair, or setups, you're bound to get stuck between a rock and a hard place without the proper implements on hand.

Is there anything better than an excellent guitar setup to spark creativity and improve your (and your guitars’) performance? Doing it yourself and not paying for it! We’ve rounded up five stringed-instrument tool kits that provide everything you’ll need for basic repairs to setups.


Guitar Player Tech Kit
Complete with everything needed for a DIY setup, this kit also includes a quick-reference guide for setting action, intonating an instrument, adjusting a truss rod, and more.
$60 street


Guitar Tech Screwdriver and Wrench Set
This compact, no-spill case is only 5" long, but manages to squeeze in a 36-bit set that’s designed specifically for fretted-instrument hardware—from pickups to bridges to tuners.
$52 street


System 65 Complete Guitar Setup Kit
Jam-packed with everything needed for a quick string change or a complete guitar setup, this kit includes components such as a gig light, multi-action tool, a string winder, and more.
$80 street


Musician’s Tool Kit
This all-in-one tool set houses everything from a 6-in-1 screwdriver and durable hex-wrench set to a microfiber cloth and some of the company’s Wonder Wipes.
$30 street


Planet Waves Premium Guitar Maintenance Kit
A convenient way to keep your necessary guitar maintenance gear in place and at the ready, this deluxe kit includes a neck cradle, multi-tool, and a string winder.
$80 street

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