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Fretboard Workshop – Jan. '16 Ex. 4

Tyler Childers & the Food Stamps Rig Rundown [2024]
Rig Rundown: Tyler Childers & the Food Stamps' CJ Cain, Jesse Wells, James Barker & Craig Burletic

These barnstorming bandmates are multi-instrumentalists who parade out a music store's worth of gear that provides all the twangin’, cryin’, moanin’, howlin’, and note-bendin’ that’ll get you two-steppin’ or dropping a tear in your beer.

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Photo by Semi Song

Sturgill Simpson returns with a new tour and album under his new alias, Johnny Blue Skies.

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Twenty watts of tube power, tweed, and modern touches from attenuation to direct recording capability distinguish the newest version of a Peavey staple.

Flexible and full of practical features. Capable of spanning many Fender- and Vox-style sounds. Useful attenuator.

Clean channel can lack dimensionality. Lead channel can be sizzly in the top-end range.

$999 street

Peavey Classic 20


Perhaps it’s just coincidence, but lately I’ve had a few chats where chums and acquaintances recalled Peavey amps with great fondness. Just a few months back, a friend I play with showed up to a show beaming with pride for having scored an old Studio series combo from the ’90s on the cheap, and I know a few bass players who are always on the hunt for ’80s Peavey bass heads.

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