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Future Rock Feb. 2015 – Ex. 9

The catalog that describes this guitar’s all-rosewood body as “jacaranda” makes the exact kind of rosewood used unclear.

Photos courtesy of Reverb/DK Factory

When it comes to rosewood, there’s a wide variety out there—which makes identifying it a bit of a challenge. On this K. Yairi guitar, the type of tonewood remains a mystery.

The jacaranda trees that line Australian sidewalks with bright violet blooms are a famous variety, but around the world, the name “jacaranda” can refer to many different plants. In Brazil, the word encompasses an incredible variety of shrubs and trees, including some species of rosewood.

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Reader: Jonathan C. Berndt

Hometown: New Kent County, Virginia

Guitar: Old Yeller

A 6-string hound that’s still barking nearly 40 years after it's birth.

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When it comes to fine-tuning your tone, guitarists often forget the value of a good speaker. ToneSpeak’s new models offer a wide range of versatile end-of-the-signal-chain options, in classic to fresh flavors.

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