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GALLERY: Show Us Your Gear - Acoustic Guitars

The guitars PG readers play when they unplug.

Collings CJMha
"Zak Kramer says of his Collings, ""From the moment I strummed my first chord, I knew this guitar was special. Every time I pick it up, no matter what I want out of it, it always delivers. Last summer, I was fool enough to busk with it at the local farmer's marketяpreviously, I'd used a National M2 woodbodied reso. Dan Erlewine, who lives in my town, stopped, looked and listened, then grinned. ""Now that's a guitar,"" he pronounced, and he asked me a few questions about it. From market to backyard barbecues to playing softly for myself when everyone else has gone to sleep, the Dude does, indeed, abide."""

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