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Take a walk through this brief historical photo gallery which outlines the beginnings and design progression of the Rickenbacker guitars that rocked the world. Photos and captions by Ron O''Keefe

1958 model 330F full-bodied guitar in Autumnglo
"This early example of the Rickenbacker full-bodied or рF-seriesс guitar had a body 2 1/4 inches deep and 17 inches wide with a single rounded cutaway. It was aimed at the archtop market, dominated at the time by Gibson and Gretsch. Though with a flat top and back, it is not an archtop by construction. This example features unusual black celluloid neck binding and sports a long trapeze tailpiece. Other than its size and rounded-cutaway shape, it shared many construction features with the smaller Capri, such as a glued-in three-piece neck, semi-hollow body construction and six-saddle adjustable bridge. "