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All-Star Pedalboards 2017

From classic-rock simplicity to indie-tweaker’s delight: Premier Guitar chronicles the most noteworthy stomp stations from last year’s Rig Rundowns.


Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Jordan Rigg at JRIG Pedalboards built the tone station that sits at Neal Casal’s feet every night. Before hitting the board, his signal goes through a Sarno Steel Guitar Black Box tube buffer. From there, it goes to a Road Rage looper that accesses various combinations from a big pile of effects, including several pedals from BearFoot FX (a Honey Beest OD, a Pale Green compressor, and a Baby Pink booster), Catalinbread (an OctaPussy, an Echorec, a Montavillian echo, a Belle Epoch Tape Echo, and a Topanga reverb), EarthQuaker Devices (a Terminal fuzz, an Arpanoid pitch arpeggiator, and a Grand Orbiter phaser), and Strymon (Lex rotating speaker pedal and Orbit flanger), as well as a Dunlop Cry Baby 105Q bass wah, a 3Leaf Audio Proton envelope filer, a Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas trem, and a Korean Klon Centaur clone. All the cables were built by Kidd Candelario, amps are switched with a Divided by 13 Switchazel A/B box, and tuning is accomplished with a TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Noir.