Rather than providing your usual fuzz fare, this high-gain, silicon-based pedal creates intense, saw-toothed shaped fuzz tones that will have you digging for that Nintendo in the basement.

Devi Ever Legend of Fuzz
Download example 1
Volume at 1:00, Control at 10:30; right before it goes over the edge.
Download example 2
Volume at 1:00, Control at 3:00 completely over the edge.
Guitar by Randall Davis. Recorded with a Fender SSH Strat and a modified Epiphone Valve Junior stack featuring an Eminence Red Coat 12”, through a Shure SM57 and into a ProSonus Audiobox interface.
If you’ve had a hankering for recreating lo-fi 8-bit video game sounds with a guitar and amp, read on. Devi Ever’s Legend of Fuzz is an unassuming pedal, housed in an MXR-sized enclosure with two knobs, Volume and Control, and dressed with a label that will be familiar to any fans of Link. But rather than providing your usual fuzz fare, this high-gain, siliconbased pedal creates intense, saw-toothed shaped fuzz tones that will have you digging for that Nintendo in the basement.

The Volume knob acts as you would expect, adding an immense amount of gain into the signal; the Control knob changes the fuzz intensity and texture, sometimes dramatically, with only minor tweaks of the knob. With the Control knob turned all the way down, notes lose their decay and the Legend of Fuzz spits out short, fuzzy burps of sound—a unique enough effect in its own right and something that would sound absolutely killer on bass. Turning the Control knob up to about 9 o’clock provides you with a supersaturated tone and a hint of the sheer madness hiding within this pedal. As the Control knob moves past noon, the Legend of Fuzz begins generating all sorts of foreign noise. The low-end farts and breaks apart massively. Notes up high sing and sustain before gradually being pulled into the gain surrounding them. Things become unstable and unpredictable. Everything is compressed. You may think you’re playing a synth, or that your speakers are about to blow. Both are incorrect.

The Legend of Fuzz seems to have a mind of its own at times (not a putdown, mind you), and if you’re truly adventurous, you’ll love learning to “play” this pedal. If you’re into safer fuzzes, you may want to keep your distance; this pedal may corrupt your other boxes. – AM
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you want to induce Atari flashbacks.
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you really just want a Fuzz Face.
MSRP $95 - Devi Ever - deviever.com

A versatile fuzz inspired by the legendarily damaged tones of Link Wray, Ike Turner, and Grady Martin.

Wide range of tones. Unique fuzz tones. Easy to control. Very responsive to picking dynamics and other effects.

Bias and tone controls would benefit from detents.


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