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GALLERY: Gear Search Gallery 2010

A fresh look at the instruments for sale on Gear Search featured in PG''s Gear Search Gallery in 2010.

May - Circa 1963 Vox Mystery Amp
"Usually, when we refer to gear using the word рmystery,с itуs because we donуt know what the hell it is. But in the case of this Vox, itуs because it truly is a Mystery. Some refer to it as the рAC 20,с but Jim Elyea, author of VOX Amplifiers: The JMI Years, coined the name Mystery Amp. Several of these apocryphal amps have been found, but none of them have had a matching serial-number plate. They may have been produced by JMI, or they may have been assembled from leftover parts by an unknown person. To quote Elyea, рAll we know is that we donуt know.с Hereуs what we do know: The amp has three Goodman 10"" speakers, each of which is marked with a red band around the magnet, and theyуre set in a lightweight enclosure. This particular amp has many unique features, including an AC10 reverb circuit, a Parmeko transformer, a silkscreened front panel (some versions reportedly have anodized copper panels), and a chassis thatуs not cut for a vibrato circuit. Its controls include Volume, Tone, Speed, Depth, and Reverb. It also has two inputs and a voltage selector. Thanks to Rick and Randy of Guitar Hangar for listing this on Gear Search!"