All 12 axes featured as Guitar of the Month in 2011.

"рI recently got this 1966 Mosrite Mark XII from an antique dealer friend, who originally bought the 12-string for five bucks,"" says owner Terence Murphy. But the guitar had been stored in the rafters of a garage for nearly 30 yearsяinside a broken case that didnуt shut. рThere was mold covering the entire guitar,с recalls Murphy. рThe Klusons were covered in rust and would not budge, but the worst part was the rat gnaw on the lower bout.с fter carefully rubbing out and polishing the finish, Murphy removed all the rusty and damaged parts, soaked them in light oil, and cleaned the rosewood fretboard. The revitalized Mosrite Mark XII model featured here has a two-tone sunburst finish on an alder body, boasting the рGerman carveс perfected by Mosrite founder Semie Moseley. The thin maple neck is topped with a rosewood fretboard, and the 24.5""- scale guitar still has the original hardware (minus the rust) including the Klusons tuners and Volume and Tone knobs. Murphy describes the original Mosrite pickups as having рa unique, jangly vibe with a shimmering high-end quality to them."