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GALLERY: Lollapalooza 2015

Three days of guitar highlights from Chicago’s world-renowned festival.


Gary Clark Jr.’s Eric Zapata
Gary Clark Jr.’s right-hand man Eric Zapata played nothing but 6-strings from the ’60s during a blistering Friday afternoon set. For the first two songs, “Bright Lights” and “Ain’t Messin ’Round,” Zapata used his mid-’60s Supro Dualtone. “It’s light, is set up with high action, is good for slide, and has an unmatched tone that is big and fat,” offers Zapata. The ’65 Strat—originally white and repainted black by a previous owner—came out for new song “Hold On.” Zapata favors this S-style because it’s the most balanced, all-around guitar he owns.