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Palmer Amplification
"Palmer Amplification brought a few new toys to Musikmesse 2013. The Cab Merger (top left) lets you double your amp's speaker outputs, the Eins 1-watt head (bottom left) has one 12AX7 and one 12AT7 powering tone and volume knobs (there's also a speaker-emulated out), and the Fab 5 head uses a 6V6 and a 12AX7 and has volume, tone, and boost knobs, as well as a 3-position power attenuator."

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A compact pedal format preamp designed to offer classic, natural bass tone with increased tonal control and extended headroom.

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You could WIN all five new Maestro Pedals from Gibson in this PG Perks Exclusive Giveaway! Enter before August 11, 2022.

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A warm, analog optical compression designed to offer plenty of sustain, attack, and release that can be blended in to taste.

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