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GALLERY: NAMM 2018 Day 3

The third day of NAMM was full of tone toys from Boss, Marshall, Vola, Marshall, Diamond Pedals, and more.

Maxwatt Amps

Maxwatt Amps Maxwatt 400 Bass Amp

Circuit geeks! Zoom in and rejoice! This is Maxwatt's super clean, if not quite lean Maxwatt 400 bass amp. Those are twin transformers, not bookends, holding up the amp so the four KT88s aren't crushed under the weight. And the circuit is as immaculately wired as the original, uh, very high wattage amps that inspired this line. Maxwatt is taking custom orders now and expect to move the amp to production this year. It'll be spendy at around four grand. But hey, they'll hear you three states over and you won't have to worry about being lost in the mix.