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"Doug Niman plays guitar for a Seattle garage and psychedelic rock band called John Lee Spectre. His main board is powered by a Pedal Pad MPS-XL II and he uses a Planet Waves strobe tuner because he tunes to 432 rather than 440 and this tuner is calibrate-able. From there his signal goes into a modified Vox Wah Wah, Dunlop Swollen Pickle Fuzz, Boss EQ, Boss Blues Driver, Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar, Guyatone Flip Stereo Tremolo, Boss PS6 Harmonist, Rocktron Digital Delay, and a Maxon SD808 Overdrive. The stereo outputs from the Ravish Sitar and the Guyatone tremolo go out to an ABY Switch, which feeds out to an Ernie Ball VP Jr. volume pedal to Nimanуs second amp. рThis gives me panning stereo tremolo and awesome psychedelic bliss by sending the Sitar's sympathetic strings to the second amp as well,с he says. рThe main signal chain goes to my primary amp.с"