From EVH to Auerbach, Joe Perry, and Vai—37 Boards You''ll Drool Over.

Zac Brown Band's Coy Bowles
Coy has the largest pedalboard in the band, with a Fuchs Plush Replay Tube Delay (used for ""Goodbye in Her Eyes""), MXR Super Comp (which is sometimes swapped with a Keeley Compressor), VVT X-Drive, Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive (his go-to pedal), Suhr Kokomo, Vox wah, Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, Boss TR-2 Tremolo (sometimes swapped with a Monster Effects Swamp Thang), Lovepedal Pickle Vibe, and a tuner. He uses an ABY box for switching between electric and acoustic, and the board is set up with a switcher that has each pedal on their own loop. "

Steve Vai's "Secret Weapon Is the Same As Everyone Else’s” | The Big 5

Plus, what the shred shaman looks for in a guitar, and the surprising solo artist whose catalog he always has on hand.

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Johnny Winter's Burning Blues by Corey Congilio

Learn to rip like one of the all-time masters of modern electric blues.

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