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GALLERY: Reader Hot Rod Guitars 2012, Part 2

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Joseph Feher
"Why hot rod just one guitar? Joseph Feher has eight fancy axes that heуs proud to show off: a candy apple red Squier Vista Jagmaster; a custom Warmoth Super Strat (chambered lightweight ash body with flamed-maple top, Lace Vintage Hot Gold pickups with Clapton Mid Boost Kit, Wilkinson bridge, Planet Waves locking tuner, Warmoth standard thin profile CBS neck, finished in Tru-Oil); an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain Top in honeyburst with vintage-style tuners; a Fender Classic у50/у60s Strat T-hybrid with Custom Shop 69 pickups and a black pickguard; a Fender Classic у70s Stratocaster in olympic white with a blue pearloid pickguard and Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups; a black Ibanez s520ex; a Squier CV60 Strat in candy apple red; and a blonde Squier CV50 Telecaster sporting a Seymour Duncan у59 humbucker in the neck position."