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GALLERY: Reader Pedalboards 2013, Part 1

We asked PG faithful to show us their pedalboards, and you delivered! In honor of our annual pedal blowout, we bring you 30 of our readers' personal stomping grounds.


"The goal of this pedalboard is to be as streamlined as possible," says Alex Poeppel. "All of the gain pedals are connected to the loop master so my foot never has to leave the front row." The signal chain is as follows: Empress compressor (always on), loop master (tuner, TC Electronic Mojo Mojo, Blackstar distortion, Xotic EP booster), ISP Decimator (always on), followed by the Lex, Ola, Dbucket, and Bluesky (all by Strymon). "This is an amazing stereo board that provides me with an extremely wide tonal palate!"