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GALLERY: Show Us Your Gear - #1 Guitars

In our inaugural Show Us Your Gear Gallery, we feature the go-to instruments of our readers.

1983 Electra X935CS Pro Endorser
"I'd like you to meet my 1983 Electra X935CS Pro Endorser. This guitar is more like my best friend. No really, I've spent more countless hours with it than most people I know. It's my favorite (I have 12) because, firstly, look at it, it's just beautiful! It has never let me down, it stays in tune no matter what I do to it. It was not my first, but it was the first one that I really became attached to. It was the only electric guitar that I played on stage during my ten years with a working band. I don't play out anymore, but I do play often, and my Electra is always there. - Pete Palmeri"