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GALLERY: Show Us Your Gear - Favorite Overdrive/Distortion

From classics to modded classics, boutique to budget, Premier Guitar readers submit the tools they use to get dirty.

Visual Sound Open Road
"Tre Sheppard sent a shot of his Open Road ""relaxing in the studio between its adventures in the rock 'n' roll business."" He says of the pedal, ""Without a single doubt, my favorite OD is the Visual Sound Open Road. I've liked the Visual Sound stuff for many years and I've literally toured around the globe with VS pedals, but they really went to a new special place in my heart when this yellow beauty made its entrance. It has loads of touch sensitivity and a wonderfully amp-like drive sound, and it doesn't compress and hump the mids like the green perennial favorite. I like the Open Road so much that it's kicked off several much more expensive, wait-listed, boutique and esoteric pedals from my live board, including my Analogman King Of Tone and Timmy. Stunning!"""