Premier Guitar readers show us their boards!

"Starting from the bottom right to left, Chase uses a TC Electronic PolyTune, MXR Custom Comp (""for those nice chime blooms""), Plum Crazy FX Fuzzy Lady (""The best fuzz pedal I have come across""), Fulltone Supa Trem (""I run the same as Joe Bonamassa and use it as a tone boost""), (top right) Fulltone Fatboost (""I use this as a clean and a fat boost""), Fulltone OCD, Greenhouse FX No-Brainer (""my second favorite pedal...the most versatile distortion box I have ever heard""), original Crybaby, MXR Black Label Chorus (""Zakk hit it out of the park""), MXR Carbon Copy, BBE Sonic Stomp (""this brings everything of my secret weapons""). "
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