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The answer is only a DIP switch—or two—away. The PG Tsakalis AudioWorks Molecular Boost review.

Recorded using a Schroeder Chopper TL into a Revv D20 and Avatar 12” cab miked with a Shure SM57 feeding a Focusrite Scarlett going into Logic with no EQ-ing, compression, or effects.
Rhythm: Mid-boost mode with gain at 10 o’clock
Lead: Treble boost mode with gain at 2 o’clock


Many more usable tones and options than a simple clean boost. Tiny footprint. Switchable buffer and true-bypass modes.

The high-mid setting can get a bit too trebly for single coils.


Tsakalis AudioWorks Molecular Boost


Ease of Use:


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The third day of the year's largest gear show included highlights from Boss, Strymon, Blackstar, Greer, and more.

Strymon Voltare

After our demo of Strymon's latest echo machine, the Voltare, it dawned on us how fun it is to experiment with multi-head delay sounds. DSP guru Pete Celi gave us a rather in-depth demo of some of his favorite sounds and a breakdown of how multi-head tape echo works. Along with a mind-boggling amount of echo tones, it also includes a looper, reverb, tape saturation, MIDI, and more. Might be the perfect pedal to create your long-awaited ambient guitar album.