Tsakalis AudioWorks Introduces the Molecular Boost

A small stomp that can function as a buffer, boost, preamp, or volume pedal.

Athens, Greece (March 31, 2020) -- We are very proud to introduce our latest design called Molecular Boost (Booster – Buffer – Preamp - Volume Pedal)!

The Molecular boost is a small but powerful and versatile stomp box. It can be used as a buffer, a booster, a preamp or a volume pedal and it can be placed anywhere in your rig. An internal voltage doubler ensures that the Molecular boost can handle any signal level, leaving the quality of your tone intact. A dual high speed FET opamp is responsible for matching the impedance of most pickups and piezos and for accurately preserving the character of any instrument plugged into it, while driving even the longest cables without any signal loss.

Enjoy a generous amount of boost (ufrom 0db. to +18db.) by adjusting the easily accessible external knob.

Four external dip switches give you access to 4 different boosted frequency ranges (DIP1&2), a high cut filter (DIP3) and to engage the xp input (DIP4) when the pedal is in buffered bypass mode. Also an internal switch allows selecting between True and Buffered bypass modes.

There is more! Connect any volume or expression pedal to the xp input to control the overall volume of the boosted signal when the pedal is engaged, or the unity level when the pedal is disengaged and in buffered bypass mode.

Suggested Retail Price: 159 Euros.

For more information:
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