Responsive vintage-style overdrive with gain to spare.

Another 3-knob overdrive isn’t exactly a head-turning proposition, but Georgia’s Nick Greer’s vintage-inspired Ghetto Stomp definitely makes a case for a double take. Greer’s goal here was to emulate the harmonic richness of sweetly overdriven amps such as Valcos and tweed Deluxes—a lofty goal, indeed.

For me, the magic of a great overdrive comes from its responsiveness and immediacy—not bells and whistles—and the latest edition of the Ghetto Stomp excels in those regards. With all knobs at noon, it lent harmonic richness that my single-coils, and I loved how nicely the grit cleaned up as I turned down my guitar’s volume. I could transition from crunchy alt-country to wonderfully saturated lead tones without touching the pedal. My neck-position single-coil developed a bit of a Napoleon complex, with pronounced mids and added low-end beef. The Ghetto Stomp might not become your all-in-one, go-to overdrive, but it can do double duty as a light drive and a muscular distortion when pedalboard space is at a premium.

Test Gear: Fender MIM Stratocaster, PRS S2 Vela, Fender Deluxe Reverb, Fender Hot Rod Deville ML 212


Plenty of gain. Responds beautifully to touch and volume changes.

Can get a bit fuzzy at higher-gain settings.


Greer Amps Ghetto Stomp


Ease of Use:



It’s all in the details.



  • Understand the inherent challenges in rhythm guitar playing.
  • Develop new strumming patterns.
  • Cultivate practice strategies to keep yourself motivated.
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Last updated on May 12, 2022

Rhythm guitar is arguably the most important aspect of guitar playing, and it’s also one of the most challenging skills to develop. The discouragement many players feel when working on rhythms forces too many of them to oversimplify the nuances, and this can reduce a performance from exceptional to fine. In this lesson, we’ll investigate why rhythm guitar can be so puzzling and look at a few ways to keep yourself motivated enough to persevere and improve.

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