Guitarists from around the globe (that would be you) share their stomping grounds of all shapes and sizes.


“My pedalboard has shrunk quite a bit lately, but flexibility is a high priority,” says Mike Wickett. “I play contemporary worship music at church, where I need a fair number of sounds with little time for changing settings. Because of this, the Carl Martin Octa-Switch forms the center of my setup. I play a Strat through a clean amp, with all drive and distortion coming from the pedals. Note that the volume pedal is after the drive and distortion and before everything else, allowing volume changes with no change to the fundamental tone.” After passing through a TC Electronic PolyTune and MXR DynaComp, Mike’s signal reaches the Octa-Switch, which selects between eight sounds:

Loop 1: Barber Half Gainer
Loop 2: General Guitar Gadgets Rodent (Rat clone) and Joyo AC Tone
Loop 3: ProCo Rat
Loop 4: Ernie Ball VP JR
Loop 5: TC Electronic NM-1 Nova Modulator
Loop 6: Way Huge Aqua-Puss
Loop 7: TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay
Loop 8: Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb

A Voodoo Lab PP2+ and a Pedal Power Digital power everything.

One of our favorite pastimes is racking up good ol’ pedal envy by ogling the setups of our fellow players. It seems you don’t tire of it either, because pedalboard mail keeps rolling in!

Here are some of the latest board submissions, from a crafty all-in-one board to a fuzz-sick stomper to a bunch of boxes on a cutting board. There are plenty more where these came from (pedal lust has no end), so look for Reader Pedalboards Part 2 next week!

Made in Canada, this two-voice guitar features a chambered Mahogany body, carved Swamp Ash top, 25.5” scale Mahogany neck and Rosewood Fingerboard.

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Gain is fun in all its forms, from overdrive to fuzz, but let’s talk about a great clean tone.

We’re all here for one thing. It’s the singular sound and magic of the stringed instrument called the guitar—and its various offshoots, including the bass. Okay, so maybe it’s more than one thing, but the sentiment remains. Even as I write this, my thoughts fan out and recognize how many incarnations of “guitar” there must be. It’s almost incomprehensible. Gut-string, nylon-string, steel-string, 12-string, 8-string, 10-string, flatwound, brown sound, fuzztone…. It’s almost impossible to catalog completely, so I’ll stop here and let you add your favorites. Still, there’s one thing that I keep coming back to: clean tone.

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A supreme shredder’s signature 6-string dazzles with versatility.

This immaculately built guitar sounds great and can do it all.

The more affordable price is still out of reach for many guitarists


Charvel MJ San Dimas SD24 CM


Charvel’s first Guthrie Govan signature model was released in 2014, after an arduous two-year effort to get the design just right. Since then, the guitar—now in its second edition—has become one of Charvel’s most coveted models. Unfortunately, its $3,699 price keeps the U.S.-made axe out of reach for many.

This year, though, the company released the Made-in-Japan signature MJ San Dimas SD24 CM, which sells for a slightly more manageable $2,799. Needless to say, that’s not cheap. But depending on your priorities, it’s a fair price for a very high quality, pro-level instrument.

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