Glou-Glou FX Releases the Pralines

The pedal features four independently controlled band-pass filters in parallel.

Lyon, France (October 22, 2018) -- Glou-Glou FX has changed the envelope filter game with the release of the company’s new all-analog pedas, Pralines, a filter/modulation/fuzz pedal.

With its four independently controlled, parallelized filters, Pralines offers a new approach to sound shaping. Pralines can cover an extremely broad range of effects. From classic modulation sounds like phaser, flanger, vibrato, or rotary-speaker to gated-fuzz, self-ocillation and bass-synth, the Pralines does it all. Designed with guitar and bass in mind, it will also appeal to keyboardists, horn-players, sample makers or sound-designers.

Adding to its tone-sculpability, the Pralines includes unique features like envelope controlled LFO and LFO modulated envelope -- something that sets it apart from other filter pedals.

Pralines features include:

  • Four independently controlled band-pass filters in parallel
  • Envelope (up and down), LFO and expression pedal modulation
  • Transistor gated fuzz
  • True bypass
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input
  • Classy custom-made enclosure

The Pralines carries a street price of $330.00. They’re available at select retailers and can also be purchased directly from the Glou-Glou online store at

For more information:
Glou-Glou FX

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