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Goulding Guitars

A piece of metal art that pushes the possibilities for guitar into the sky.

Anthony Goulding has this to say on his website: “My main aim was not to make it look the result of an engineering project but as an instrument that possesses aesthetically pleasing qualities. I decided early on to only use the best materials, which means that the body and the neck are each made from a solid billet of aluminum.”

His guitars are completely custom made, but they all begin from the same foundations: solid aluminum. The body has been machined from the rear to make it hollow and to create the carved top. The neck is made from a separate billet of aluminum and attached to the body via four screws.

Customers can choose from any number of options – any part on the guitar can be made from aluminum, brass, gold-plated brass or stainless steel. This example features an ebony fretboard, Seymour Duncan humbuckers, a piezo bridge pickup and Grover minilocking tuners, although Goudling emphasizes that the sky is ultimately the limit. Prices begin at £2,900.

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Goulding Guitars