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Komet announces the Komet 19 Combo

Komet announces the Komet 19 Combo

Komet Amps announces the new 1x12 Komet 19 combo amp.

Baton Rouge, LA (August 3, 2009) - The long awaited 1X12 Komet 19 combo is a touch-sensitive & versatile amplifier with a unique variable gain saturation control and is designed for practically any guitar playing style, whether using single-coil or humbucking pickups.

Powered by two 12AX7s and a pair of EL 84s, the 19 covers a multitude of tonal ranges - from shimmering cleans and chime, to searing high gain lead tones, all controllable from your guitar's volume knob. Each Combo is meticulously built by Komet using only the finest components, true point-to-point wiring, 1/8" welded aircraft grade aluminum chassis, audiophile tube sockets with gold contacts, sealed 2 Watt potentiometers, a finger jointed Baltic Birch tuned slotted back cabinet loaded with a high end British built Celestion Heritage G12-30 speaker and original basketweave grillecloth.

MSRP $2995

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