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Hacking DADGAD

Hacking DADGAD with Tom Butwin
Getting bored with standard tuning? You might want to explore DADGAD tuning, which is a great intro in alternative tunings. The wide-open sound is popular with fingerstyle players and metal bands alike.

What is DADGAD tuning? 

DADGAD tuning is a popular alternative tuning that offers a rich and exotic sound.This distinctive arrangement creates a droning and open sound, with rich harmonies and resonant chords. DADGAD tuning is particularly favored by folk, Celtic, and world music guitarists, as it allows for unique chord voicings and melodic possibilities. The lower four strings are exactly the same as drop-D tuning, and the top two are simply lowered by a whole step. This makes it a great first step into the world of alternate tunings.

What songs use DADGAD tuning?

Kashmir (Remaster)

Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Official Music Video)

Slipknot - Circle (Audio)

Andy McKee - Drifting

Pearl Jam - Given to Fly (Official Audio)