C.F. Martin offered founding member of indie rock darlings The Avett Brothers the opportunity to design his version of “the perfect guitar”

Nazareth, PA (January 20, 2013) -- C.F. Martin & Co. has tapped Seth Avett of The Avett Brothers to design his version of “the perfect guitar”. The result - the Martin D-35 Seth Avett Custom Signature Edition – is an updated version of Avett’s tried and true stage/studio Dreadnought guitar, a model he has been a fan and user of for nearly a decade. “The guitar that Seth has used throughout his career has been one of our most popular, the D-35,” said Fred Greene, Vice President/General Manager of Guitars, C.F. Martin & Co. “We thought the perfect way to collaborate with him on his first custom model was to let him create his dream version of this guitar, adding in all of the elements he would want in the ultimate Martin Dreadnought, something that would play as easily on stage as in the studio.”

“I've always seen a Martin dreadnought as the quintessential acoustic guitar; the blue-collar guitar, understated and solid in the hands of Jim Croce or Doc Watson or Ramblin' Jack Elliott,” said Seth Avett. “I've always leaned toward the warmth and strength of the D-35. I got my first one, a 1977 model, about twelve years ago, and I've been wearing them out, re-fretting them and wearing them out again ever since. This instrument is a true collaboration between me and Martin Guitar. I can't wait to find out what songs are waiting in this guitar, for me and anyone who decides to buy one.”

For more than a decade, a Martin Dreadnought has been Seth Avett’s constant companion on his musical journey. He has played his Martin D-35 at hundreds of concerts and on 10 albums as a member of the Avett Brothers, as well as on three solo albums released under his alias, Timothy Seth Avett as Darling.

The D-35 Seth Avett Custom Signature Edition combines the classic attributes of a Martin D-35 design with some unique modifications and personal custom touches inspired by Seth’s specific requests. This model features premium solid tone wood, including FSC® Certified high altitude Swiss spruce top with Adirondack spruce braces, East Indian rosewood back and sides with a beautiful flamed Hawaiian koa center back wedge. In keeping with the theme of his solo album The Mourning, The Silver, The Bell, large stylized snowflake position markers are inlaid in copper at the 3rd, 7th and 12th frets. Lastly, it comes complete with Fishman Gold + Plus Natural 1 electronics for “Plug and play” convenience and natural fidelity.

Brothers plans for 2013 include concert tours of Europe, Great Britain and Australia. Every Martin D-35 Seth Avett Custom Signature Edition guitar bears an interior label personally signed by Seth Avett and comes in a heavy-duty Martin Custom Shop hardshell case. A left-handed version of this guitar may be ordered at no additional cost. Authorized C.F. Martin dealers will begin taking orders for the open-ended D-35 Seth Avett Custom Signature Edition immediately.

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