The second day of Musikmesse brought the MIPA (Musikmesse International Press Award) announcements, and another heaping helping of beautiful gear to check out.

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Frankfurt, Germany
(April 7, 2011) -- The second day of Musikmesse brought the MIPA (Musikmesse International Press Award) announcements, and another heaping helping of beautiful gear to check out.

Here are today's new product announcements:
Fender Introduces 100-Watt Super-Sonic Amps and Cabinets
Gibson Announces Les Paul Standard Bass Oversized
Gretsch Introduces G6120DE Duane Eddy Signature Hollow Body Guitar
Martin Unveils Six New Ukulele Models
Ampeg Unveils GVT Series Guitar Amplifiers

MIPA Awards
The MIPA Awards honor musical instruments in a number of categories. The winners and nominees are listed below, with the winners in bold and red.

Electric Guitar
* Vox Virage
* PRS Guitars NF3
* Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster

Acoustic Guitar
* Breedlove American Series C-20/SM
* Martin OMCX1E (tie)
* Yamaha FSX730SC

Guitar Amp Combo
* Blackstar HT-1R
* Fender Mustang Series
* Vox AC30 HW2X

Guitar Amp Head
* Kemper Profiling Amp
* Mesa Engineering Trans-Atlantic TA-15
* Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer Amp

Guitar Effects
* Electro-Harmonix Freeze
* Line 6 POD HD Series
* TC Electronic TonePrint Pedals

Acoustic Guitar Amp
* Ultrasound DS4
* Roland AC-33
* Fishman Loudbox Mini

* Dunlop Rev. Williy's
* Rotosound Nexus
* D'Addario XL110

Bass Amp
* Mesa Engineering M3 Carbine Combo
* Fender Bassman TV
* TC Electronic BG500

Bass Cabinet
* TC Electronic RS410
* Markbass Traveler 102P
* Trace Elliot 1028H/1518C

Electric Bass
* Warwick Streamer LX 5
* MusicMan Reflex
* Ibanez ATK200

Acoustic Bass
* Fender Kingman Bass SCE
* Takamine TB240SC-NS
* Warwick Alien

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Down Les Paul Baritone at Musikmesse 2011

Bass for your face in Frankfurt....Les Paul Standard basses, a Les Paul Jr. Cutaway bass with 30" scale neck, and Thunderbird Short Scale bass.

Classic and lovely Les Paul Traditional with Bigsby unveiled in Frankfurt.

New Gibson USA Flying V 7-string with mahogany body and EMG 707 neck and 81-7 bridge pickups.

Gibson's expanded Melody Maker line includes this Flying V.

Lag's new Imperator Custom Bedarieux electrics are made in France and can be ordered with dozens of different pickup, tonewood, and hardware options.

Czech acoustic builder Furch ( introduced an aged spruce topped La Gitane model Gypsy Jazz guitar with maple back and sides.

The irreverent design genius of Switzerland-based Claudio Pagelli was on display at the Eastman display. Pagelli designed the two archtops on the left.

One of Claudio Pagelli's original electric guitar designs...this one inspired by the fantastic, accordion-influenced Italian electrics of the '60s.

AER's Amp 3 bass amp drives twin 8" speakers with 200 watts.
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Swiss builder Danou Guitars unveiled this beautiful 12 string and a pearwood-and-spruce acoustic electric with Schertler electronics.

Taylor's Double Cutaway showed up at Musikmesse 2011 rocking new colors like this blue maple top.

Eko's sweet lookin' Odeon is a practice amp and acoustic amp in one.

Schwarz Custom Guitars semi-hollow, 30 1/2-scale Arby bass with splittable humbucker, slotted headstock, and pearloid position markers. To the left is a John Davis Signature SYAM 5-string bass.
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Martin brought a whole family of new Ukeleles from Nazareth to Frankfurt.

Tanglewood's new Evolution Exotic auditorium-style acoustic features koa construction, a Venetian cutaway, a bone nut and saddles, and Fishman PreSys electronics.

Kraken Supreme Janus Sport with mahogany and maple body, 5-piece mahogany and maple neck, and Gibson 57 Classics.

The Vibesware sustainer enables you to achieve feedback and sustain effects while leaving your pick hand free. It also vibrates multiple strings simultaneously. In the running for best space rock accessory at Musikmesse!

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