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Musikmesse in Photos: Part 1

A look at some of what we saw at Musikmesse in Frankfurt

Direct from one of the largest gear gatherings in the world, here’s a sampling of what we saw at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009.

Blackstar Artisan 15

Blackstar Artisan 15 handwired chassis

Blackstar HT-5S mini stacks

Gibson Joe Bonamassa Les Paul

Gibson 1959 Les Paul Reissue 50th Anniversary

1937 Gibson L 00 Legend Vintage Sunburst

Gibson Elvis Costello Limited Vintage Sunburst

Brunetti Mark 6L6 and Wizard 6V6 heads

Godin Seagull 25th Anniversary

The Carlsbro Nelsonic custom amp and speaker cabinet

Design specs/drawing for Carlsbro Nelsonic

Morpheus Drop Tune pedal

Eastwood Guitars

EBS Classic T90

Fender Bass & Guitar amplifiers; Genz Benz amplifiers

Fibenare Erotic Dalmat

A bevy of guitars and basses by Hagstrom

Nik Huber Guitars Dolphin II - Redwood

Ibanez ART300 BNC

Ibanez Jet King JTK09LTD IV

Ibanez AF105SM Exotic Explorer

Hellecaster Jerry Donahue with Peavey Omniac JD

Hayden MoFo

Martin 0-28VS and 00-28VS

Koch Amps Supernova 6060

Koch Amps Classic-SE

Greg Koch and PG "Mod Garage" columnist Dirk Wacker

Lâg Guitars, Tramontane Series of Acoustics

Lâg Guitars, Jet Master Series

Lâg Guitars, left-handed models

Mark Guitar Super Jazz head & cab

Stompboxes from Markbass  (CW from top left: Compressore, Riverbero, Octaver, Distorsore,  Super Booster, Super Pro DI, Super Synth)

A custom 5-string bass by Jens Ritter

A custom bass by Jens Ritter

Ruokangas Guitars

Ruokangas Guitars custom double-neck