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Ashdown Introduces Original-EVO-C112T

Ashdown Introduces Original-EVO-C112T

Weighing in at 13.5kg, the Original-EVO-C112T packs 300 watts of Ashdown bass tone into a compact and lightweight package.

"Featuring a comprehensive 5-band EQ, this amplifier allows users to sculpt their sound and precision, ensuring that every note resonates with clarity and depth. Whether aiming for a deep, resonant tone, or a bright, cutting-edge tone, the Original-EVO-C112T empowers musicians to fine-tune their bass tones to perfection."

Equipped with essential features such as a front-facing FX loop, XLR DI output, and headphone jack, the Original-EVO-C112T caters to a wide range of musical needs. Its kickback design allows for use as a floor monitor, providing the flexibility required for delivering top-notch performances in any setting.

Designed to accommodate global touring, the Original-EVO-C112T features auto-protect voltage support and an adaptive temperature-controlled fan for optimal performance in any environment.

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