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Bad Cat Introduces the Jet Black Amp

Bad Cat Jet black amp series

Its 38-watt output, powered by a quartet of EL84 tubes, is designed to provide lots of headroom and response for discerning players.

The original idea behind Jet Black was to bring the Black Cat’s trademark sound to players who needed more volume. With a second pair of EL-84s doubling its output, common sense suggested it’d be louder and tighter, but no one was quite prepared for the tones the Jet Black would unleash.

Unleash Your Creativity with the Jet Black

The Jet Black offers guitarists an unrestrained and visceral playing experience. Its 38-watt output, powered by a quartet of EL84 tubes, provides awesome headroom and response for discerning players. With two channels, tremolo, FX loop and reverb, the Jet Black is an ultra-versatile tool for shaping your sound.

Channel 1: The revamped first channel is bold and clear, making it perfect for clean tones and harmonically rich edge of breakup sounds.

Channel 2: The second channel is versatile and fresh, suitable for a wide range of rock-oriented tones. It successfully captures the essence of classic and modern guitar sounds, boasting its own unique character and swagger.

3-Band EQ: The new 3-band EQ allows precise control over your tone, with a pronounced mid/high response that cuts through the mix, unlike traditional "British Voice" amplifiers, the Jet Black carves its own niche in the sonic spectrum, ensuring that it shines in a two-guitar band setup without contributing to a volume war.

Reverb and Tremolo: Rarely found on rock-oriented amps, meticulously tuned reverb and tremolo circuits are included to complement the amplifier's ultra-wide range, delivering lush and noise-free effects with adjustable depth and speed.

FX Loop and Line Out: The Jet Black features a transparent FX Loop for connecting external effects without hassle. A line out simplifies the use of external impulse responses or re-amping. The amplifier also offers various speaker outputs to accommodate different setups.

Footswitch: The included two-button footswitch provides convenient control over the tremolo and channel selection.


The Bad Cat Jet Black amplifier will be available from, November 21, 2023, through select Bad Cat dealers and online retailers.

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