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Boss Launches the Katana-Air EX Wireless Amp​

boss katana guitar amp and bassist

Boss introduces a powerful new wireless desktop amp for guitar and bass.

Katana-Air EX delivers professional stereo sound and acclaimed Katana tones in a compact footprint, supported by a larger cabinet and other enhancements over the standard Katana-Air model. Advanced Boss wireless technology and integrated Bluetooth provide convenient cable-free operation, while the companion Boss Tone Studio app (iOS/Android) offers deep-sound editing and built-in tools for skill development with YouTube content.

In 2018, Boss introduced Katana-Air, the world’s first totally wireless guitar amplifier. Katana-Air EX expands on the original model’s impressive feature set with 35 watts of maximum power, increased fullness and sound projection, and additional recording and performance options.

Katana-Air EX has been engineered to provide an authentic stage-style playing experience in a desktop size. Two custom five-inch speakers are loaded into a carefully designed wood cabinet, generating full sound with rich resonance typically only available with performance amplifiers. Punchy, high-definition tones offer an inspiring platform for honing natural techniques, while the tuned bass-reflex port ensures tight bottom-end response for low-tuned guitar riffs and electric bass practice.

Katana-Air EX comes equipped with sounds derived from the Katana stage amplifiers, dialed in for maximum expression with its desktop cabinet. Five unique amp characters provide tones from sparkling clean to high gain, including a dedicated character for acoustic-electric guitar and bass. The amp also features access to 60 Boss effects, with a wide selection of overdrives and distortions plus mod, delay, and reverb effects optimized for the amp’s stereo speaker system. Six onboard memories allow users to store their favorite amp and effects setups for instant recall.

Boss Katana-Air EX | The freedom of wireless

With onboard Bluetooth, Katana-Air EX users can wirelessly connect with the Boss Tone Studio app and play along with songs streamed from a mobile device. It’s also possible to record tracks directly to computer music software via USB and use the stereo line output with mic’d cab emulation for live performances in direct-to-PA setups. Going further, Katana-Air EX does double duty as a high-quality portable Bluetooth speaker for casual listening.

The dedicated Boss Tone Studio app provides complete wireless control of Katana-Air EX from a smartphone or tablet. Users can adjust amp settings, customize effects, and access deeper functions only available from the app. Integrated YouTube support energizes daily practice sessions with the ability to watch videos, create song lists, loop sections, and more. It’s even possible to change sound memories automatically during video playback, providing an inspiring hands-free experience when jamming along with popular songs and backing tracks.

Katana-Air EX can be powered with the included adaptor or via eight AA batteries or an optional Roland BTY-NIMH/A Rechargeable Amp Power Pack for completely wireless operation.

The new Katana-Air EX Wireless Guitar Amplifier is available now for purchase at authorized U.S. Boss retailers for $599.99. To learn more about Katana-Air EX and the original Katana-Air,

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