CopperSound Releases the Renegade and Gravity Bomb

CopperSound unveils a compact fuzz pedal and a boost stompbox that features a toggle switch for selecting three different mid-range types.

Renegade Multi-Bias Fuzz | CopperSound Pedals

Introducing our latest potent sonic disruptor, in a pint-sized package! Renegade is a simple, no-frills fuzz device with a compact and straightforward interface; a complement to our growing line of Mini Pedals. Derived originally from the classic Tone Bender MK1.5, Renegade strays off the standard path, in part due to its integrated bias control. This toggle switch allows the player to easily select between two different bias voltages; resulting in a classic, full-bodied-fuzz tone in the “up” position, and a more modern and gated fuzz in the “down” position. A hallmark feature of this micro-sized pedal is its long sustain, and an “electric sizzle” as your signal fades (especially prominent in the “down” position). The single Master Volume knob has PLENTY of gain on tap, and powering Renegade at up to 18 volts can deliver even more headroom and clarity.

  • Full-bodied, INTENSE fuzz
  • Multiple bias modes
  • Miniature Form Factor
  • 9-18V operation
  • Mechanical true-bypass switching
Street Price: $149 USD

Gravity Bomb V2 Clean Boost & Mids Enhancer | CopperSound Pedals

This one goes to Eleven! Gravity Bomb V2 picks up where the original left off; delivering up to 20dB of clean boost over the sweep of its volume pot, similarly powered by an audiophile-grade Burr Brown Op Amp. With the addition of our Mid-enhance toggle, V2 allows the player to further dial in their boosted tone, by selecting from three different mid-range types. The center position - just like Gravity Bomb V1 - maintains a flat and neutral EQ curve. In the down position, V2 boosts Mids at 750Hz, while the up position boosts at 1kHz, making Gravity Bomb V2 a great tool to pair with other pedals to give them a fresh tone and feel. Powering Gravity Bomb at up to 18 volts can deliver even more headroom and clarity.

  • 20dB of clean volume boost
  • Audiophile-grade Op-amp
  • Toggle switch for selecting three different mid-range types
  • 9-18V operation
  • Miniature form factor
  • Mechanical true-bypass switching
Street Price: $129 USD
For more information, please visit

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