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Quick Hit: Coppersound Telegraph Stutter Review

Quick Hit: Coppersound Telegraph Stutter Review

Much more than a cute homage to Samuel Morse, the Stutter frees your hands to deliver stunning sound blasts that no kill switch can conjure.

It’s tempting to look at Coppersound’s stompbox homage to Samuel Morse as a way to make your axe stutter EVH-, Morello-, and/or Buckethead-style without installing a kill switch on your guitar or having to lower a pickup’s dedicated volume control so you can use the pickup toggle. But the Telegraph Stutter avails much more than that.

A delightfully simple way to add a new trick to your
board for next to nothing.

Coppersound emphatically states that it should be operated by hand (ostensibly to prevent heavy stompers from destroying it), but the pedal’s most compelling uses really require foot action: Freeing your hands to work the fretboard enables you to generate stunning blasts of sound that no ordinary kill switch can conjure. Use generous amounts of reverb or delay, and Stutter gives spacey jams dynamic jolts of life. Add weird chords to the mix and Holdsworth-ian progressions get a new spin that no volume pedal can match. Or strip out effects altogether and use Stutter to punch out schizoid riffs and licks. It’s a delightfully simple way to add a new trick to your board for next to nothing.

Test Gear: Eastwood Sidejack Baritone DLX with Manlius Goat-Masters, Subdecay Super Spring Theory, Goodsell Valpreaux 21 and 1x12 with Weber Blue Dog and Silver Bell speakers.


Enables sound-burst effects not possible with standard kill switches or volume pedals. No-brainer price.

Pops a wheelie when not fastened down. Uncertain durability with foot use.

$49 direct (as tested), $69 w/polarity toggle

Coppersound Telegraph Stutter


Ease of Use: