Crazy Tube Circuits Introduces the Super Conductor

Featuring four distinct boost circuits, these tone accelerators offer unique modifications individual to each circuit.

Crazy Tube Circuits has added tone shaping modifications, individual to each circuit, that you can switch at will via the white and black button modifiers.

rm: Crazy Tube Circuit's silicon interpretation of the 60s classic germanium treble booster. Using a unique setup of paralleling 2 low gain silicon transistors we’ve managed to produce a sound that will convince even a NOS OC44 enthusiast. Select between original voicing or enhanced lo-mid frequencies for fatter sound.

ep: JFET preamp – gain stage based on the preamp circuit of a tape echo unit of the early 70s run on true to the original specs 24V DC power supply via an internal voltage boost. This tone enhancer is known for its magical coloration and the added focus and detail it gives to your sound. Select between original 70s voicing or enhanced full frequency boost with extra output.

ma: Based on a clean and “transparent” volume booster of the late 70s / early 80s. This circuit is a “reference” to louder solos. Use it to run long signal chains with its low output impedance or drive your amp harder into natural saturation. Select between original 9V DC power supply or internally boosted 18V DC for increased headroom.

mf: Based on a late 90s ultra-transparent, high input impedance MOSFET boost. This interpretation doesn’t crackle but still retains the massive clean boost with pristine highs, sonic identity of the circuit it was modelled after. Select between original 9V DC power supply or internally boosted 18V DC for increased headroom.

Crazy Tube Circuits Super Conductor

Price: 189.00 Euro / 199.00 USD. More info at:

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