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Danelectro Launches the Nichols 1966

Nichols 1966 Pedal

With four knobs for Fuzz, Drive, Volume, and Tone, as well as a two-position toggle switch for EQ flexibility, this pedal is designed to give players the options of searing fuzz to subtle amp-like overdrive.

Danelectro has introduced the newest pedal in its iconic product line: the Nichols 1966, a strikingly dynamic fuzz/distortion/overdrive based on a unique circuit designed by Danelectro’s Steve Ridinger as a teenager in the 1960s. At its core, the Nichols 1966 offers a broad range of fuzz and overdrive tones, with a highly touch-sensitive response that provides extra versatility for players who vary their right-hand pick attack and the volume knob settings on their guitar.

The Nichols 1966 also includes a two-position toggle switch for added EQ flexibility: you can select the pedal’s original 1960s Stock voicing or opt for a more modern Mid Cuttone profile for extra articulation on highs and lows.

The pedal traces its origins – and its name – to the Los Angeles enclave of Nichols Canyon, just north of Hollywood. This is where Foxx pedals founder and current Danelectro owner Steve Ridinger lived with his parents in the mid-1960s. It was in the garage of that home on Nichols Canyon Place that Steve created his first effects pedal, which he named “The Liverpool Fuzz Tone”. Steve had no money to buy a fuzz and no access to any schematics, so in 1966 he created a circuit architecture of his own design. Although he called his box a “fuzz”, it was in fact halfway between a distortion and afuzz, dishing out delicious tones from a completely unique circuit that was never seen again…until now!

Danelectro Nichols 1966 Fuzz Drive | NEW for 2024 #NAMM


  • Four knobs: Fuzz, Drive, Volume and Tone controls
  • Two-position toggle switch for selecting original 1960s Stock voicing or modern Mid Cut tone profile
  • True bypass footswitch
  • Pedalboard-friendly top-mounted power and in / out jacks
  • Standard 9-Volt power

Danelectro’s Nichols 1966 carries a street price of $199.

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